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mo’web is an independent, global market research institute in Düsseldorf, Germany. We'll supply you with the best survey, questionnaire, panel, B2B & data quality from A-Z. With global, native coverage of over 30 languages across different time zones, we guarantee to provide you with the highest quality full-service market research.

We’re here, to give you the finest strategy and business insights. We'll gladly answer all your key business questions around Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), markets, brands and media.

At the heart of our institute is a global online community, where millions of people engage in a continuous conversation about their beliefs, behaviours and experiences. Everyone and everything at mo’web is driven by curiosity and a core mission of building strong relationships between good companies and their customers. We use our motto “we know why.” to do just that.


Your research solutions

Carrying out quality research is a critical component when you’re launching a product, try to improve your existing service, or when you’re just looking to be a step ahead of your competitors. It will provide you with all the information you need to make better business decisions. Just imagine the power of being able to know exactly what people think of your business, products and services. Business reports that are being carried out for large corporations 24/7 daily can now also be carried out for you at just a fraction of the cost, thanks to mo’web solutions.

mo’web solutions is the best way monitor what your customers want, need and desire. We'll be giving you valuable insights on how your decisions will impact your business, customers and profitability. Having all this information constantly at your fingertips will help you make the right business decisions on a permanent basis.

Taking advantage of our excellent technology allows you cost-efficient structures by eliminating labour intensive traditional methods (sending out emails, retrieving, follow-ups, data entry, etc.).

The advantages of working with mo’web:

  • You collect more data from larger audiences at lower costs
  • You get immediate feedback through live reporting
  • You have a large diversity of respondents
  • Your respondents can participate at their own pace and in their own time
  • Your opportunity to get a large diversity of detailed responses
  • Your respondents are less reserved due to the anonymity and comfort of their home
  • Your online surveys have no interviewer bias and yields honest results

Sourcing Surveys

How your survey participants are recruited:

  • mo’web’s international panel
  • Third party panels
  • Client-provided lists (customers, employees, prospects, etc.)
  • Address brokers
  • Banners, pop-ups and other online adverts
  • Partner websites
  • Offline media and mailings
et mo+ 360

EyeTracking MO+ 360

EyeTracking MO+ 360 – with our revolutionary new technology, you can now carry out EyeTracking MO+ 360 globally. You'll Get detailed and unbiased information about consumer behaviour in decision making processes. EyeTracking MO+ 360 also allows you to study the process consumers undertake when viewing and selecting a product. It shows you what design elements naturally attracted the most attention and what areas were ignored. EyeTracking MO+ 360 details authentic behavior which is useful when designing advertising, logo testing, branding, packaging and product placement.​

For further information on EyeTracking MO+ 360 please contact
Moritz Kisselbach


mo’web Panel

Our community, the heart of our research institute.

Country B2C BDI BDM
France 188,647 46,122 25,672
Germany 222,464 46,122 25,672
Italy 146,948 43,742 23,619
Poland 192,183 36,363 24,730
Russia 211,418 43,564 29,934
Spain 147,139 38,832 27,653
Turkey 88,335 32,794 18,419
Ukraine 106,191 28,802 17,175
United Kingdom 191,071 53,739 30,953
Latin America 230,767 44,143 28,348
South Africa 189,715 55,709 34,201
  • B2C: Consumer
  • BDI: Business decision influencer
  • BDM: Business decision maker

Recruitment Process

We permit only one membership per person and double check duplicate memberships by an intricate security algorithm that cross checks respondent details such as name, surname, email address, gender, year of birth and postcode.

Recruitment Channels

In order to guarantee you a well stratified sample, mo’web chooses to use a variety of recruitment and contact methodologies.

The most frequent recruitment channels are newsletter advertising, banner and pop-up adverts on regular internet sites, email list mailing as well as offline telephone recruitment. We also utilize conventional advertising in specialist press (for your hard to reach target groups such as specialists or pensioners).

We use a standard double opt in procedure, to ensure your respondents are fully qualified and highly responsive. After a first enrollment, your potential panel members receive a confirmation email with a link to your profile questionnaire. Your members are regarded fully recruited only after your initial profile questionnaire (consisting of standard demographics) has been completed. Your participants receive a second email confirmation with the login details to access your surveys.

Panel Maintenance

We are fully aware that respondent satisfaction is the vital key to high responsiveness and membership longevity.

That is why we make sure our panelists get paid surveys regularly. All local panels are managed by regional panel managers. Respondents can voice concerns, ask questions and can always contact a regional panel manager. They are guaranteed a personal answer to their issues. This deepens the relationship respondents have to our services and makes them feel more comfortable with our community.

The active membership duration currently averages at 19 months and active respondents complete on average 22 surveys in their membership.

Attractive Incentives

Although we actively communicate the importance of market research and opinion polling, your respondents require incentives as a means of motivation.

Upon completion of your survey respondents receive points, which can be exchanged for money which is then paid out via PayPal. The amount of points varies in relation to target group, complexity factor and your survey length.

Members have an option to donate the rewards to a charitable organization. This option is more popular with higher income groups and is the preferred choice of reward for our B2B-Panel.

Regular Panel Care Surveys

We invite respondents to regular panel care surveys to ensure respondents participate in enough surveys to maintain interest, but not so many that they become oversaturated. These panel care surveys focus on current topics of discussion, but are also used to update profiling information we have on our respondents.

This information provides the basis for effective and intelligent sampling.

Intelligent Sampling

By using the profile information obtained in the profile questionnaire and the regular panelcare surveys, we greatly reduce the amount of terminates in screening. Thus, your respondents who are invited to your surveys actually participate and are not screened out, which adds significantly to respondent satisfaction.

Thoughtful Questionnaire Design

We make sure your panel members "like" the surveys and enjoy participating. All your surveys are thoroughly checked for functionality, are not repetitive and we treat all your participants with respect.

We recommend that your survey should be no longer than 20 minutes, as longer interviews deliver significantly worse quality of data and frustrate respondents.

Data Protection & Professional Ethics

Your member's personal details are sensitive and their privacy needs to be protected at all times. Your surveys are treated with the highest priority, anonymity and confidentiality. Under no circumstances will we ever disclose any of your participants personal information.

As a German company we must abide by the very strict and clear regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Furthermore, we fully adhere to ESOMAR's guidelines for professional conduct as specified in "ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice" as well as the codices formulated by the BVM, the governing body of German market research.


mo’web Services & MO+ Quality Guarantee

mo’web market research services:

  • survey design
  • questionnaire design
  • questionnaire scripting and programming (Flash, PHP, HTML, HTML5)
  • email invitations and reminders
  • panel-based fieldwork
  • real-time status reports
  • bulletin boards
  • online focus groups
  • internet forums
  • recruitment of dedicated panels
  • data delivery in Excel, CSV or SPSS formats
  • data analysis and tabulation
  • chart preparation in PowerPoint
  • full analysis of results

MO+ Quality

MO+ is our standardised system for total customer satisfaction at mo’web research. With our 16 year track record as global research specialist we have been able to hone our skills in in every dimension to provide best standard research. We have established best practice guidelines from A like Analysis to Z like Z-Test. This 360 degree approach to total customer satisfaction has now been standardised in the MO+ service package.

To find out how you and your clients can profit from MO+ please contact us.

about us

About Us

mo’web launched in 2004 in Düsseldorf, Germany. We’re one of the first online research institutes, that’s relied on online questionnaires as a main source of collecting multinational data. Since 2004 we’ve been a international leader in the field of research. mo‘web is run independently and still managed from it’s founders.

Since our formation we have enjoyed healthy growth. The team consists of:

  •   2 managing directors
  • 16 full-time employees
  • 22 regular freelancers
Herbert Höckel

Herbert Höckel

Managing Director
born 1975 in Hagen, Germany

"The possibilities and chances of online research have not been fully utilised yet. The importance of online research will continue to increase as ever more specialised target groups can be reached online. In future we will not be able to conceive a life without the internet..."

Ryan Gibson

Oscar Ryan Gibson

Managing Director
born 1972 in Harare, Zimbabwe

"Research is important to your business because it: ... Leads you to the ultimate philosophy of all subjects and builds a graphic vision of your customers thoughts. Empowers you with knowledge and new effective learning strategies. It helps you in understanding various issues of your business in a larger manner"

Ulrich Pabst

Ulrich Pabst

Sales Director Germany
born 1955 in Düsseldorf, Germany

"Through conducting online surveys, we reach out to thousands of respondents each and every day. Through the insights and results obtained we actively participate in the positive changes the world’s undergoing. The speed, reach and relevance is what keeps me fascinated with online research."

Julian Müller

Julian Müller

Senior Project Manager
born 1993 in Düsseldorf, Germany

"It's as if the internet was purposely built to conduct market research. The possibilities have never been greater and this is just the beginning."



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