mo’web research, as a full service market research institute offers you scientific procedures to successfully manage brand value, brand awareness, customer satisfaction and price analysis. Don’t rely on your gut feeling for marketing, you do need valid numbers, data and facts!

Brand Awareness – You might know your customer, but does your customer know you?

Top of mind, unaided recall or aided recall? Brand awareness is the strongest driver in the final purchase decision. Why? Simply said: Someone needs to know you to buy you.

With our standardized methods we can establish your current awareness rating and deliver directives on how to raise awareness.

Find out how well the consumer really knows you. We would be happy to measure your brand awareness and brand value.

Brand Value – Your brand is your key driver.

Do not underestimate the advertising impact of your brand! It is your brand that projects your identity, your value system and determines your user groups and their perceptions.

Your customer decides.

Brand Equity is an instrument that measures the value of your brand. It tells you how consumers see your company, what they associate with your company and their perceptions in relation to the competitive reference set.

Discover what your customer thinks. We would be happy to determine your brand value or brand awareness.

Customer Satisfaction – Why have unhappy customers?

There is a host of satisfied customers behind every successful company!

High customer satisfaction is not only the benchmark for successful companies, but also the ultimate mission for leading brands.

Digital connectivity, global competition, innovative technologies and a constantly increasing variety of products place the customer on the peak of decision-making power. He is spoiled for choice.

Convincing the customer has never been more important than now!
With our customer satisfaction measurement, we offer you a tool to identify potential deficits at an early stage, exploit potential, increase your sales and inspire your customers.

Measure satisfaction and satisfaction parameters relative to your competition!

Price Analysis – Optimal price, maximum profit.

Achieve maximum profit with optimal price? The significance of pricing as a significant marketing tool is often underestimated.

It must be price-right!

Set your price wisely. Should your product is too expensive, you lose potential customers. Is it too cheap, you lose potential revenue. Determine the price threshold for your user group with expert support.

Arrive at the optimal price with our standardized methods for price analysis.

We're here to help!