Our Team

2 Managing directors

13 Full-time employees

22 Regular freelancers


Ryan Gibson

Managing Director

We solve business problems with fast, powerful and effective research solutions.


Herbert Höckel

Managing Director

We establish with innovative market research solutions a measurement system to ensure your business excellent insights and results.


Michael Dimov

Director of Technology

Research is the difference between flying blind and making informed decisions. And today it’s easier than ever before.


Ulrich Pabst

Chief Sales Officer

We reach out to thousands of respondents each and every day. The speed, reach and relevance is what keeps me fascinated with online research.


Julian Müller

Chief Operations Officer

It's as if the internet was purposely built to conduct market research. The possibilities have never been greater and this is just the beginning.


Lisa Höckel

Senior Sales Executive

Online surveys are the perfect method for organisations to get answers to questions quickly, efficiently and economically.


Kitaro Beeh

Senior Project Manager

While AI software changes our world, market research remains the only way to find out how people feel about products & brands.


Hayat Said

Project Manager

Online market research surveys provide enterprises the opportunity to reach respondents far and wide. This is an indispensable advantage especially when competing online.


Alexander Otto

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Only with online market research can you ask your precise target audience questions and get a huge advance in knowledge.


Marco Kessler

Public Relations

High-quality market and opinion research is not just any business for us - after all, it bears a great responsibility for future developments in the economy and society.

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