MindsetMatching® in social media using artificial intelligence

When brands and influencers are a perfect match, it's the best investment in communication, especially in social media. Then the target groups of the brand identify with the digital opinion leaders, follow their recommendations, increase interactions within the community and, ultimately, brand awareness and sales.

Unfortunately, however, the mismatch between brand and influencer personality is the rule. The reasons are the lack of tools for the qualitative selection of influencers and therefore the use of too much gut feeling by the marketing decision-makers. And this although the importance of rather small and (still) unknown nano and micro influencers in the advertising market is increasing sharply.

We are currently developing exactly this tool for you. With MindsetMatching® we combine methods of classic personality psychology and artificial intelligence (AI). In this way, we enable you not only to find the right influencer (s) in an extremely dynamic market, but also to specifically predict the success probabilities for different marketing goals. And that is no longer intuitive, but rather data-based, valid and reliable.

Would you like to learn more? Then click here and read our white paper on MindsetMatching®.

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