Design Test

As a market research institute and strategic consultant, moweb research supports you in choosing the optimal design for your product! Use our scientific procedures such as logo test, packaging test, design test and eye tracking.

Logo Test – Which logo is the right logo?

Whether you are starting a new company or planning a rebranding - the logo is the hallmark of your company. You should therefore leave the choice of the right logo to the person it needs to later convince: your customer.

Ask your customer. We can help you with that.

With our panel of over 2.5 million qualified members, we offer you the opportunity to test and modify your logo and branding concepts in an early development phase.

You can underpin the decision-making phase with valid numbers, data and facts, you can uncover potential for optimization at an early stage, you can find out which target group is addressed by which designs, you can make changes quickly and achieve faster, solid and reliable results.

Packaging Test – Which packaging is right for you?

Clothes make people - packaging makes sales.

Choosing the right packaging for a product is not easy and should never be taken lightly! When choosing the optimal packaging, there are numerous objectives and requirements to consider:

  • Is the packaging competitive? Does the packaging differ significantly from other me-too products?
  • Does the packaging have to be functional and can your packaging deliver on this? Does your packaging need to communicate a feature or attribute - like for example, a special variant or flavour?
  • Can your packaging communicate this message efficiently?
  • Is your packaging used to build your brand awareness?

We know how!

Use our standardized packaging test procedure and find out which packaging your customer likes best.

Product Test – Perfection is not a result, but a process.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, determine optimization potential before the market launch - use our product test in advance!

How does my customer like the product in general? Which attributes does my customer like and which does he not like? To what extent does my product meet the needs and wishes of my customer?

Does my product perform as it should and as potential users expect it to? How high is purchase probability?

With over 2.5 million panelists, we offer you the opportunity to modify your product in the early developmental stages.

As strategic consultants, we accompany you through all important decision-making processes and help you to find the right product for your market with standardized procedures, well-founded facts and individual advice.

Eye Tracking – See the world through your customers eyes.

Would you like to look into your customers' heads? This is possible with our patented eye tracking! Our innovative process provides detailed, undistorted facts about consumer behavior in decision-making processes.

Eye tracking traces the movement of the eyes showing which design elements of an ad attract the most attention and which areas are ignored.

Eye tracking gives you valuable "insights". Use eye tracking to optimize advertisements, advertising films, packaging, posters and product placement.

Get better research!