moweb research: Excellent Panel Data for Precise Market Research

Secure Core: Discover the quality of our panel at moweb research. Learn more about our panel recruitment and maintenance! We offer broad coverage in the consumer sector (B2C) – both nationwide (Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Bremen, Munich, Nuremberg, etc.) and internationally in countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. In the business sector (B2B), you will find decision-makers from various fields, including fleet managers, managers, IT experts, HR professionals, CEOs, and marketing professionals.

  • High-Quality Panel: Our panel is the heart of our market research, with careful recruitment and maintenance for maximum data quality.
  • Broad Reach in the Consumer Sector: Extensive coverage nationwide in cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Bremen, Munich, Nuremberg, as well as internationally in countries like France, Japan, and Brazil.
  • Diverse B2B Decision-Makers: Access to a wide range of business decision-makers, including fleet managers, managers, IT experts, HR professionals, CEOs, and marketing professionals.
  • Comprehensive Panel Data for Precise Analysis: Utilize our high-quality panel data for detailed and precise market research results.

Consumer Panel B2C Worldwide

Global Community Insights: The Heart of moweb research

Our dynamic global community, comprising over 3.1 million active members in key SEO countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the United States, forms the heart of moweb Research. Here are some key reasons why our Consumer Panel is so crucial:

  • Global Insights: Our global presence allows us to gather diverse international perspectives. Examining consumer behavior in different countries and regions is vital for businesses looking to expand their global reach.
  • Community Engagement: We place great importance on the well-being of our panel members. Our platform fosters active participation and the exchange of experiences and opinions. By creating a sense of community, we encourage open idea-sharing.
  • Regular Surveys: We conduct regular surveys to strengthen the relationship between our members and our company. These surveys provide valuable insights into evolving consumer trends and enable us to stay up-to-date with the latest market dynamics and consumer preferences.
  • SEO-Friendly Data: We are committed to providing SEO-friendly data. We understand the significance of keywords and trends for researchers and businesses looking to enhance their online visibility.

In summary, our dynamic Consumer Panel is not merely a collection of individuals; it is a vibrant and engaged community that serves as a robust resource for gathering global insights. We highly value the contributions of our panel members and recognize that their participation is crucial to our success in delivering comprehensive market analyses and in-depth research.

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Business Panel B2B Worldwide

Global Business Insights: Your Access to Key Decision Makers with Our B2B Panel.

Discover critical insights for your market success with our B2B Panel. We provide you with direct access to a variety of corporate decision-makers from key areas such as management, IT department, human resources, marketing, and management. Our panel is specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements of your B2B research.

Whether you are looking for fleet managers, senior executives, IT experts, human resources managers, or marketing professionals – we have the right target audience for you. Our panelists are carefully verified and qualified to deliver precise and relevant market insights to you. With moweb research, you secure a crucial competitive advantage through well-founded market and opinion research. Trust in our excellent B2B panels and standardized survey methods for successful and efficient research.

Market and opinion research is the tool of choice when it comes to gaining a decisive competitive advantage in the market and thus ensuring the success of your own company in a sustainable and efficient manner. For your B2B research we offer you verified and qualified panelists including fleet managers, business decision-makers, IT staff, human resource managers and general management. With our excellent B2B panels and standardized test procedures, your B2B research will is guaranteed successful. You can rely on our expertise.

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Panel Recruitment Procedures

Meticulous and Diverse Panel Recruitment Process at moweb

We permit only one membership per person and double check duplicate memberships by an intricate security algorithm that cross checks respondent details such as name, surname, email address, gender, year of birth and postcode.

Recruitment Channels

In order to guarantee you a well stratified sample, moweb chooses to use a variety of recruitment and contact methodologies.

The most frequent recruitment channels are newsletter advertising, banner and pop-up adverts on regular internet sites, email list mailing as well as offline telephone recruitment. We also utilize conventional advertising in specialist press (for your hard to reach target groups such as specialists or pensioners).

We use a standard double opt in procedure, to ensure your respondents are fully qualified and highly responsive. After a first enrollment, your potential panel members receive a confirmation email with a link to your profile questionnaire. Your members are regarded fully recruited only after your initial profile questionnaire (consisting of standard demographics) has been completed. Your participants receive a second email confirmation with the login details to access your surveys.

Panel Maintenance

Panel Member Satisfaction and Quality Management at moweb

Ensuring panel member satisfaction is crucial for high response rates and panel loyalty.

At Moweb, we regularly offer our panelists new paid surveys. Regional panel managers maintain transparency and organization within the panel. They provide local support to panel members, allowing them to voice concerns, ask questions, and address any issues. Personalized assistance fosters stronger connections with the panel and enhances their sense of community.

Currently, the average panel membership duration is 19 months, with active participants taking part in an average of 22 surveys during their membership.

Attractive Rewards

While we emphasize the importance of market and opinion research, we also utilize incentives and rewards to motivate our members.

After completing a survey, participants earn points that they can accumulate, redeem, or cash out via PayPal. The number of points varies depending on the target audience and the complexity and duration of the survey.

Regular Panel Care Surveys

Through regular panel care surveys, all panel members have the opportunity to participate in a sufficient number of surveys, maintaining their interest without experiencing "survey fatigue." These surveys primarily focus on current topics of public interest and help keep our participants' profile information up to date.

This information allows us to invite participants to surveys more effectively and selectively.

Smart Sample Selection

By leveraging the profile information gathered in the profile questionnaire and regular panel care surveys, we significantly increase the success rate of participation. Individuals willing to participate are not turned away, contributing to significantly higher participant satisfaction.

Careful Survey Design

We prioritize making survey participation an enjoyable experience, avoiding boredom or frustration. We ensure that all questionnaires function smoothly, avoid repetition, and treat respondents with respect.

Survey duration is limited to 20 minutes, as longer interviews tend to result in significantly lower quality and dissatisfied participants.

Data Privacy & Ethical Standards

Our participants' personal information is sensitive and must always be protected. We prioritize anonymity and confidentiality. Under no circumstances are personal details shared or disclosed in any form.

As a German company, we adhere to the clear and stringent provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Furthermore, we strictly adhere to the ethical principles and codes of conduct outlined by ESOMAR in the "International Code on Market and Social Research of the ICC/ESOMAR," as well as the guidelines of the BVM, the Professional Association of German Market and Opinion Researchers.

Your success, our goal!