Mixed Mode

Which survey method is best suited for a particular project? A question that market researchers ask themselves almost every day. It is not uncommon, for example, for CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview) to compete with CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interview), i.e. the classic telephone method with the modern online market research method.

There are compelling arguments for both CATI and CAWI, but depending on the client's requirements or the survey topic, we work with the so-called mixed-mode approach with the perfect balance of these two survey methods.

Mixed-mode surveys may make it easier to achieve sample requirements. If the respondents are no longer accessible exclusively by telephone or via the internet. Mixed-mode also allows for a balance of speed and thoroughness, increases the validity and objectivity of survey results and, last but not least, gives market researchers the opportunity to optimise their cost structure.

Through the joint management of moweb research GmbH with the CATI experts of AMR Advanced Market Research, we offer our clients exactly that: the best of both worlds!

Get better research!