Not every idea is an innovation! To find out how innovative your idea really is, moweb research offers you scientific methods for market analysis, trend radar, concept testing and competitive evaluation. Value added, we also offer advice and competent decision support.

Market Analysis – Draw maximum achievable potential from your market volume!

Knowledge is power

Today's market is primarily …. challenging.

As experts in market research, we know the challenges that modern entrepreneurs face.

The market analysis offers you a decisive lead in knowledge that enables you to gain a competitive advantage.

Our expert analysis of market data (market, environment, competition, product, customer, trends etc.) gathered from our qualified panel members will help you to formulate efficient action strategies derived from reliable statistical results!

Trend Radar – Know today what tomorrow brings.

Discerning, planning and successfully implementing the right marketing strategy seems more difficult than ever before given the fast pace of our times.

It is all the more important that the decision you make today will pay off tomorrow!

How did the market-leading trendsetter do it before you?

Successful companies do not have a crystal ball, but use market research.

Don't let the next trend overwhelm you, set it with our trend radar!

Concept Test – Which concept is the right one?

Perfection is not a result, but a process. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, determine optimization potential before the market launch - use our concept test in advance!

How does my customer like the concept in general? Which attributes please my customer and which does he particularly dislike? To what extent does my concept meet the needs and wishes of my customers? What is the actual probability of purchase?

With over 2.5 million panelists, we offer you the opportunity to modify your concept at an early stage.

As strategic consultants, we accompany you through all important decision-making processes and help you to find the right concept with standardized procedures, well-founded facts and individual advice.

Competitive Analysis – Be Smart. Learn from your competitors.

To know how!

To prevail in the market, you need to know your competition. As long-term market researchers, we know exactly how difficult it can be to keep track of the market players in the global competitive field.

With standardized procedures, scientific methods, a global panel and many years of experience, we offer you a decisive lead in the marketplace through our competitive analysis.

Not only to know your competitor, but also to learn from him!
With knowledge you can adapt efficient strategies and avoid inefficient ones.

With our strategic market analysis and competitor analysis, you can track your campaign performance. Know which are effectively working, which are failing and identify possible market niches at an early stage.

We're here to help!