October 14th 2022

Herberts World #5

Issue #5 of Herbert's World! The title may be confusing, since we rarely talk about marbles. But they are still fun. At least for us.

What do we mean by that? Read on and you will find out - either on this page or on (in German only)! Have fun!

Marbles, Trade fairs & Mixed Mode

Really amazing. Despite its small diameter, it feels full and heavy in the hand. But of course, it's a marble. So "Let's go - and off you go from up there". At the same moment, the marble rolls off and whizzes through this confusing network of white spirals, tracks, lifts, sinks and loops. Up, down, across, jumping, falling, but at the same time sure it knows the way to its destination and after a few seconds, at the end of the journey - boom! - she lands in a vessel that has apparently already been waiting for this beautiful, somehow also vain guest

Yes, don't worry, this is still Herbert's world.!

The scenery above, however, describes the moweb "marble run", which we will reactivate for the upcoming succeet22 after five long years. After all, it is absolutely fascinating what effect marbles still have on each of us. This semi-transparent, mostly colourful opaque round thing stands like hardly anything else for the typical children's toy from days gone by, which you immediately want to touch, i.e. feel in your hand, feel, weigh and look at intensively. Because what - if you please - is more haptic and thus more "real" than such a marble?

This is exactly why we use our "eye-catchers" as a playful element on our stand: like a metaphor for the typical character of a trade fair. After all, trade fairs are regarded as a prime location for tangible and real conversations between people. And isn't it also the many valuable chance encounters at the entrance, during meals or at the networking events that make these presence events so tangible and tangible?

Trade fairs and live events as real energisers!

Although succeet took place again last year after a one-year break from Corona, for good reason the handbrake was noticeably applied and the number of guests reduced. All the more reason for me to look forward to an industry meeting this year that is going full steam ahead again!

Presence fairs are energisers for every industry. For me personally, this is especially true, as I have always been a passionate "social networker" and am only really in my element live and in colour. And not only as a representative at my own stand, but even more so as a keynote speaker or on a plenary panel. Of course, online market research is my core business, but I still want to and can only fully develop myself non-digitally.

But stop, it's not supposed to be about me here, but about the live events of the German market research world! This time I would like to use the column as a quasi advertising platform, not only for the succeet already mentioned, but also for the Insights of planung&analyse, the BVM Congress and the GOR of the DGOF. Even compared to the illustrious ESOMAR congress in Toronto, the events here have nothing to hide, as they are all absolutely professionally prepared, excellently organised and, above all, designed with the exhibitors and guests in mind.

Trade fairs are opportunities!

So, dear market researchers: Let's use trade fairs as a real opportunity! Because, to put it somewhat pathetically: Only the "concentration of space and time" typical of trade fairs enables such a high density and number of discussions with competitors, partners or new service providers, in order to meet with respect, in the best case to learn from each other and in this way even to become a little better.

And probably even more important: we also meet our customers at eye level and thus learn directly about their needs, wishes and suggestions. So that we can advise them even better and convince them of our merits. Because only then can we bind them to our portfolio in the long term.

The current debates about the pros and cons of market research à la "Do It Yourself" (DIY) or "Do It Together" (DIT) additionally show the relevance and necessity of using trade fairs as a forum and showcase. Ultimately, it is always about convincing interested parties from industry or service sectors of the quality and clear benefits of professional market research.

"Comfort zone exhibition stand"

No question, every trade fair is a big challenge for all exhibitors: Do the guests experience the right mix of information, news and entertainment? Do they create a kind of comfort zone for the customers, i.e. the balancing act of respectful distance and yet appropriate human proximity? Do they end up with good conversations and create curiosity for more? Does the networking succeed in an entertaining way? Then the customers will definitely appreciate it. Guaranteed!

Sounds like big words, I know. But in our case you will soon be able to check them out for yourself: At the said succeet22 from 20 to 21 October in Munich: Hall 1, Stand 100.

By the way, not "only" with moweb, but also with our colleagues from AMR Advanced Market Research. Since I have also been the Managing Director there for a good year now, we are appearing as a tandem for the first time.

To ensure that our stand is not just standing, but also living, we will use it for an exciting expert discussion with CAWI experts (moweb) and CATI specialists (AMR), to which I invite all interested parties! Together we will illuminate new perspectives of the mixed-mode approach. Also in the booth: Our Moritz Kisselbach with the topic: "Online Surveys 101: A Practical Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Online Research."

New this year: "WLR plus"

Last but not least: For the first time, we are starting succeet together with DGOF on the eve of the trade fair. The "WeLoveResearch plus" combines our successful party series with an exclusive keynote speech by Kathrin Jander (Facts and Stories)! We promise a great networking event with cool drinks, talks and about 300 guests. Information on registration and the location can be found here.

Everything else about the fair and its many highlights can, of course, be found on the official succeet22 page.

Finally, back to the marbles

Do you also have fond memories of your childhood? Of course, there's a little more to our train than just "in at the top, out at the bottom". But ... drum roll ... you'll have to find out for yourself!

And for the collectors among you: Already during the last mission in 2017, the marbles turned out to be an extremely popular souvenir for the children at home and an unusual reminder of a special day! Therefore: Lets try the looping!

Herbert Höckel

Herbert Höckel is a managing partner here at moweb research GmbH. He has been a market researcher for more than 25 years. In 2004 he founded moweb GmbH, which he is still the owner today. moweb from Düsseldorf operates internationally and is one of the first German market research institutes specializing in digital processes.

You are welcome to purchase his book "Customer Centricity Mindset ® - Really Understand Customers, Master Disruption Successfully" here.

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