November 16th 2021

Online survey on the subject of "Christmas gifts 2021"

Results: Quality Time and Health ahead of Jewelry and Technology

A few weeks before the start of the Advent season, we surveyed 1000 people in an online study on the subject of Christmas wishes or gifts in a partnership. Here are the results at a glance:

The wishes

The majority of women and men wish above all for quality time with their partner, such as concerts, short vacations and wellness. Followed by intangible wishes such as health and "time". In third place, respondents want jewelry and accessories (women) and electronic devices (men) from their partner.

The budget

When asked how much they expect to spend, almost 40% of respondents said 51 to 100 euros, more than 40% up to 300 euros and still 8% more than 300 euros.

The timing

Over all age groups more than 70% would like to have locked the gift purchase to two weeks before the celebration. Last minute purchases intend only very few, rather young persons.

The point of sale

Consumers under 60 primarily prefer online purchases, but bricks-and-mortar retail is still strongly represented in all age groups. Catalogs or teleshopping are rarely used.

The study

Between September 30 and October 4, moweb research conducted a survey with nat-rep quotas N=1000, respondents from Germany living in a partnership. The study design as well as the mentioned or further results in detail are available for download here.

Download: Study "Christmas Gifts 2021

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