Concept Test

Develop Your Concept and Achieve Market Success

Perfection is an ongoing process, especially in product development. To avoid unnecessary costs, it's advisable to identify optimization opportunities before market launch. Our concept testing provides you with the opportunity to make important adjustments early on.

Key Aspects of Our Concept Testing

  • Customer Feedback on Your Concept: How is your concept perceived by customers overall? Which features generate particular interest or criticism?
  • Meeting Needs and Desires: To what extent does your concept meet the needs and desires of your target audience?
  • Purchase Likelihood: What is the likelihood that your concept will be accepted and purchased by the target audience?

With access to over 3.1 million panelists, we offer you the opportunity to optimize your concept based on informed customer feedback. As your strategic advisor, we support you in all critical steps, from concept development to successful market launch, using standardized procedures, reliable data, and individual consultation.

Your success, our goal!