June 21st 2021

"Customer Centricity Mindset® - Really Understanding Customers, Successfully Mastering Disruption"

A specialist and guidebook by market researcher Herbert Höckel

"Customer Centricity Mindset®" is an entrepreneurial concept that puts the customer in the focus of action instead of a product. Digitisation has given the individual customer, in technical jargon the "persona", completely new power. In the meantime, no corporate decision-maker can avoid the concept of customer centricity without endangering their own brand success in the long term.

Herbert Höckel has been following this development for decades as a market researcher for his moweb research GmbH. He says: "In order to survive in the market, most companies now have no choice but to place the wishes and needs of their customers at the centre of their corporate actions." Höckel has now written down his professional insights in his new book.

Key Facts:

"Customer Centricity Mindset® - Really Understanding Customers, Successfully Mastering Disruption".
Guidebook for managing directors, owners and decision-makers (marketing and sales) 162 pages - Publication date 15 June 2021 by Haufe Lexware Verlag With a foreword by Kai Schmidhuber

Höckel's book takes a holistic approach. All areas of a company are called upon, not just the classic marketing and sales department. All employees must be prepared to put themselves completely in their customers' shoes in order to know how they feel, think and act. Behind the paradigm of Customer Centricity are central concepts such as User Story, Moments of Truth and Customer Journey, which Herbert Höckel explains in an understandable and pictorial language.

The "mother" of all transformations is disruption and another thematic focus of this book. That all-destroying process that unpredictably but regularly destroys industries partially or completely, only for them to rise again shortly afterwards in a different form. The goal of every decision-maker should be to anticipate disruptions in good time. The method according to author Höckel: Customer Centricity. This is the only way to keep one's finger on the pulse of the customer in order to be able to react to coming changes early and actively.

Good market research is the equivalent of good listening

With his book, Herbert Höckel directly addresses managing directors, brand and product managers. He explains established as well as innovative methods of market research, describes the trends that are shaping our digital age and offers a sound guide on how managers can maintain their room for manoeuvre despite uncertain and volatile times.

Some excerpts from the content:

"The customer is king, emperor, count and pope at the same time! Customer centricity has never been more important than NOW! You have to focus on your (potential) buyers, understand them, put yourself in their shoes. Only then can an understanding of needs and (future) expectations emerge that promises you success."

"The strongest competitor is the one we cannot see or do not yet want to acknowledge. You can't circle such competitors on the map and you often don't see them coming."

"Get to know your customers! Socio-demographic profiles and statistical target group definitions are far from enough here. I mean, really get to know your customers!"

"Think of problems as friends. Welcome mistakes, analyse them, find the causal links that contributed to them, then we move from a finger-pointing culture to a learning culture."

"Disruption is like a tsunami wave that, driven by innovation, digitalisation and globalisation, overtakes everything in its path: existing business models, corporate cultures or even entire markets. But if you can master riding this wave, you can harness the power of disruption and enter unimagined spheres of entrepreneurial success."

About moweb research and Herbert Höckel

moweb research GmbH has been conducting market research from A to Z worldwide since 2004. 40 employees work at the Düsseldorf location and advise companies of all sectors and sizes. Herbert Höckel is an author, speaker and managing partner of moweb.

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