May 21st 2021

MindsetMatching® as a new tool for selecting the right influencer

We at moweb research are currently developing MindsetMatching®, a data-based tool with which advertisers can find and evaluate suitable influencers according to qualitative criteria for the first time. With methods of the classic OCEAN model from personality psychology as well as the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

For the first time, marketers can use the tool to determine whether and to what extent a brand personality and an influencer personality match. It is about answering the questions: Can the customers of a brand identify with the potential advertising medium? Do both have the necessary congruence in their value patterns? Do they speak the same language? Both are the prerequisite for influencers to positively influence a brand.

Even the respective concrete advertising benefit can be calculated, depending on which person communicatively represents the brand in the social media space.

The problem so far is that marketers still have no instruments to measure the psychological profile of influencers. Worldwide, there are only providers who collect the openly visible hard facts such as reach, number of posts or likes for research and selection. This is not enough to profile a complex personality. So there is a lack of knowledge as to whether a potential influencer fits a brand at all.

This know-how is becoming increasingly important because the advertising market with its digital influencers has been growing strongly for years and will continue to grow. This particularly affects the segment of lesser-known nano- and micro-influencers, who have less than 5,000 and less than 50,000 followers respectively.

How exactly MindsetMatching® works, how classic "mismatches" arise as well as some examples from influencer practice can be read here in our whitepaper. The whitepaper is free of charge - by clicking on the download, we only collect your contact details.

Read the white paper on MindsetMatching®.

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