March 23rd 2021

moweb research + Heartbrands = one-stop-shop for evidence-based communication & brand strategy

With immediate effect, the market researchers of moweb research form a strategic partnership with the advertising strategists of Heartbrands. The new tandem aims to become the leading provider for advertisers who value evidence-based communication in the coming years.

The new player bundles more than 60 employees from both houses in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. Experts in target group surveys, statistics and psychology work there together with experts in creation, communication and strategy consulting.

Effective communication for brands absolutely needs a valid and resilient database. "In order to avoid making business decisions on the basis of assumptions, gut feelings or one's own subjective preferences, a data-based view through the lens of the target groups is indispensable," says Herbert Höckel, Managing Director of moweb research. "Otherwise, chance will take command over the further future of a company."

Victoria Fix, business psychologist at Heartbrands, knows from years of experience that companies often only consider the data that underpins existing decisions: The classic confirmation bias. "But we objectively work out all the relevant psychological characteristics of the target groups. Only then do we know about the actual preferences, wishes and needs."

The clients of moweb research and Heartbrands benefit not only for their external communication. Their effective internal communication or the recruitment of new employees also only works on the foundation of solid data from the respective target groups. This is the only way to effectively inspire teams for new goals or to initiate internal developments.

Sascha Richert, Managing Director at Heartbrands: "In the end, success is not achieved by those who assert their personal taste, but by those who objectively perceive, take seriously and involve the target groups. And we will succeed even better with the new cooperation!"


Based in Hamburg, Heartbrands creates and develops evidence-based, strategic communication measures for clients from Germany and all over Europe. For more information, visit

moweb research

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