February 9th 2023

Online survey on the subject of "Carnival 2023"

Flash poll on "Carnival 2023": Customs are alive! After three years of Corona restrictions, the Rhineland is eagerly awaiting the fifth season. But what do people think about war and inflation? What do they say about issues such as cultural appropriation or the fear of renewed "party riots"?

Düsseldorf, 9 February 2023 In a recent online survey, the market researchers at moweb research asked 1,200 people from the carnival strongholds of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz about their perception of this year's carnival. Last year, both Corona and the Russian war of aggression forced carnivalists to exercise restraint.

The war is not over and Corona is still very much present, but the festivities are now taking place again under regular conditions for the first time. 77% of our respondents are in full agreement with this. The following are the most important results of the study:

Carnival as a cultural asset

71% consider carnival to be a cultural asset worth protecting. More than three quarters prefer celebrating mainly on the street or in organised parades.

Carnival in times of war and corona

Both the war in Ukraine and the consequences of the pandemic are still important to people, but only 15% would currently refrain from celebrating because of one of the two factors.

Carnival and inflation

The current devaluation of money and thus one's own economic situation plays a major role: more than half of the respondents want to find out in advance about beer prices in pubs. Only for 17% would price increases be justified by current circumstances.

Carnival and cultural appropriation

The socio-political problem of cultural appropriation by means of disguise (keyword "cowboys and Indians") is not a relevant issue for 77%. Only 6% of all respondents find it disrespectful and see a real need for action.

Carnival and politics

The big Shrove Monday parades in particular have always relied on clear political statements from their theme floats. A good half of the study participants (48%) would like to see these messages continue, 32% are undecided and 20% are in favour of a kind of "verbal disarmament".

Carnival and the police

Six weeks after the much-discussed New Year's Eve riots in Berlin and other cities, 55% of those surveyed plead for more police presence and toughness. Only 4% explicitly disagree. 41% have no opinion.

Study details

Between 1 and 3 February 2023, moweb research conducted a quota-based online survey among 1,200 people - 400 test persons each from Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz. Further information on the study design and all results in detail are available for download at

About moweb research

moweb research GmbH has been conducting online market research worldwide since 2004 and has been shaping the industry with digital methods ever since. Around 40 employees work in Düsseldorf and advise companies of all sizes.

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