March 14th 2023

Quick poll on the time changeover 2023

At moweb research, we regularly collect surveys on political, social and sometimes "colorful" topics.

This time: A flash survey on the time change among 1,000 people in Germany.

The background: Almost five years after the EU-wide survey on abolishing the time change, still nothing has happened.

Our question to respondents: "What do you think about the fact that the issue of the time change has disappeared from the political agenda again after the survey at that time?"

Our method: Population-representative quota-based online survey; n=1,000 people; time period: March 1-2, 2023.

    The results:
    • 48.8% call for the results of that time to finally be implemented
    • 20.5% call for the survey to be repeated, but this time with more participation
    • 17.8% want everything to remain as it was
    • 12.9% want a new, binding survey (but only for Germany)

    And if the people TODAY could decide again on the question? Then say ...

    • 59.0%: I want daylight saving time all year!
    • 19.7%: I want winter time all year!
    • 17.5%: I want the previous summer / winter time change as before!

    (Missing percentages for both questions: other or no opinion).

    Back in 2021, we conducted a representative study on the time changeover together with the Technical University of Ostwestfalen-Lippe (TH OWL). The central results were (almost) the same then:

    • About three quarters of Germans called for the abolition of the time change and
    • a majority wanted year-round daylight saving time!

    But the study showed much more, such as differences in opinion between older people, working people and people with or without children in the household. Also, variations between "morning and evening types" and which target groups need how many days to get used to the new time twice a year.

    Here's the full article and the corresponding study from 2021 for download!

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