Panel Maintenance

We are fully aware that respondent satisfaction is the vital key to high responsiveness and membership longevity.

That is why we make sure our panelists get paid surveys regularly. All local panels are managed by regional panel managers. Respondents can voice concerns, ask questions and can always contact a regional panel manager. They are guaranteed a personal answer to their issues. This deepens the relationship respondents have to our services and makes them feel more comfortable with our community.

The active membership duration currently averages at 19 months and active respondents complete on average 22 surveys in their membership.

Attractive Incentives

Although we actively communicate the importance of market research and opinion polling, respondents require incentives as a means of motivation.

Upon completion of a survey, respondents receive points which can be exchanged for money paid out via PayPal. The amount of points varies in relation to the project specifics - target group, complexity factor and survey length.

Members have an option to donate the rewards to a charitable organization. This option is more popular with higher income groups and is the preferred choice of reward for our B2B Panel.

Thoughtful Questionnaire Design

We make sure our panel members "like" the surveys and enjoy participating. All surveys are thoroughly checked for functionality, are not repetitive and show respect for our participants. We recommend that your survey should be no longer than 20 minutes, as longer interviews may compromise quality and frustrate respondents.

Regular Panel Care Surveys

We invite respondents to regular panel care surveys to ensure respondents participate in sufficient surveys to nurture interest and involvement. We also take care that highly active members do not get ‘flooded’ by too many requests to complete surveys. These panel care surveys typically focus on current topics of interest, but also serve to update profiling data.

This data provides the basis for effective and intelligent sampling.

Data Protection & Professional Ethics

Member's personal details are sensitive and their privacy needs to be protected at all times. Surveys are treated with the highest priority, anonymity and confidentiality. Under no circumstances are we permitted to disclose any participant’s personal information. As a German company we must abide by the very strict and clear regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Furthermore, we fully adhere to ESOMAR's guidelines for professional conduct as specified in "ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice" as well as the codices formulated by the BVM, the governing body of German market research.

Intelligent Sampling

By using the profile data obtained through the profile questionnaire and the regular panel care surveys, we greatly reduce the number of terminations in the screening process. Usually respondents invited to a survey actually qualify and participate rather than being screened out. This contributes significantly to respondent satisfaction.

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