Panel Recruitment Procedures

We permit only one membership per person and double check duplicate memberships by an intricate security algorithm that cross checks respondent details such as name, surname, email address, gender, year of birth and postcode.

Recruitment Channels

In order to guarantee you a well stratified sample, mo’web chooses to use a variety of recruitment and contact methodologies.

The most frequent recruitment channels are newsletter advertising, banner and pop-up adverts on regular internet sites, email list mailing as well as offline telephone recruitment. We also utilize conventional advertising in specialist press (for your hard to reach target groups such as specialists or pensioners).

We use a standard double opt in procedure, to ensure your respondents are fully qualified and highly responsive. After a first enrollment, your potential panel members receive a confirmation email with a link to your profile questionnaire. Your members are regarded fully recruited only after your initial profile questionnaire (consisting of standard demographics) has been completed. Your participants receive a second email confirmation with the login details to access your surveys.

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