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Market Research in Hanover - we’re your source for Market Research in Hanover. With our national coverage of all federal states we provide you with excellent opportunities to do Market Research in Hanover. We’re here to give you premium Market Research in Hanover solutions. We'll answer all your key questions around Business-to-Business (B2B), consumers B2C, markets and Market Research in Hanover.

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We have been a pioneer in our industry since 2004 and stand for innovation and agility.

We offer innovative market research with tailor-made solutions for your day-to-day business and answer all of your core questions about consumers (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), markets, brands and the media. From our company headquarters in Düsseldorf we guarantee you:

  • individual advice and consultancy on your research projects
  • global reach across time-zones and over 30 languages
  • best service, solid experience and long-term expertise
  • highest quality in data, survey, questionnaire, panel and B2B results
  • founded in 2004, 100% independent and owner operated

Your specialist for market research.

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