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MR Essen | We're your experts for Market Research in Essen. We'll supply you with the best survey, questionnaire, panel, B2B & data quality from A-Z. We're your partners for market research in Essen. Doing market research in Essen is the most effective way of monitoring what Esseners want, need and desire. Conducting quality market research in Essen, will also provide you with valuable business insights, which will enable you to predict how your future business strategies will impact your business, customers and profitability in Essen. Having all this information at your fingertips will support you in making the right business decisions for Essen on a regular basis. Use our market research knowledge to get your competitive advantage in Essen – we'll support you every step of the way by supplying you with: new business strategies, insights, ideas and the necessary steps you'll need to take to boost your business in Essen.

moweb research

moweb research is a full service market research institute and a pioneer in our industry since 2004.

We stand for innovation and agility in research.

We offer innovative market research with tailor-made solutions for your day-to-day business and answer all of your core questions about consumers (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), markets, brands and the media. From our company headquarters in Düsseldorf we guarantee you:

  • individual advice and consultancy on your research projects
  • global reach across time-zones and over 30 languages
  • best service, solid experience and long-term expertise
  • highest quality in data, survey, questionnaire, panel and B2B results
  • founded in 2004, 100% independent and owner operated

Your specialist for market research.

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